Torfstich, © Stadtgemeinde Schrems

Special exhibition

Season 2020-2021

Can you get to the bottom of the bog without sinking? Immerse yourself in an interactive exhibition about false lights, peat cutters and climate protection! Find out what peatlands really are!

In the new season, the UnterWasserReich has a very special special exhibition. After the successful exhibition about otters shown in the last two years, the nature park center and top excursion destination UnterWasserReich is devoted this year to the brand new topic "moor". In the Hochmoor Schrems Nature Park, you can enjoy the charm of the Waldviertel moor landscape and in the visitor center, all questions raised by this habitat are answered in an exciting, interactive way:

Can you sink into the bog? How long do bogs need to develop? What happens if you destroy them? How did the peat cutters work? Which animals and plants live in bogs? What do peat bogs have to do with the climate? How can you protect and preserve them?

No matter whether playful or scientific - here you can get to the bottom of the bog! Find out what peatlands really are!