Visitor Center UnterWasserReich

UWR_Außen_2023_Stadtgemeinde Schrems, © Stadtgemeinde Schrems
Keschern, © UnterWasserReich
Fischotter_UWR, © Wolfgang Dolak
Sonnentau, © Ernst Artner

Welcome to the UnterWasserReich - Hochmoor Schrems Nature Park!

The fascination of bogs and ponds for the whole family

Welcome at the UnterWasserReich, the visitor center of the Nature Park Hochmoor Schrems, in the middle of the fascinating landscape of the Waldviertel's ponds and bogs.

You will experience the topic of the Waldviertler wetlands by an indoor exhibition and by the outside water-garden including our European otter compound.

The Nature Park Hochmoor Schrems offers the opportunity to enjoy the charm of the Waldviertel high bog. The 20 m high Himmelsleiter allows a breathtaking view over the park and the hidden romantically sparkling water area of the former peat-cutting site.

Finally enjoy yourself in the "Café UnterWasserReich" with coffee specialities, desserts and delicacies. In the shop you will find a wide range of local products from the Waldviertel.

Shop, café, kid's corner as well as the terrace and our adventure playground are accessible during opening hours!