Moospolster, © UnterWasserReich/Sonja Eder

Welcome to Nature Park Hochmoor Schrems

A paradise for nature lovers

The Nature Park Hochmoor Schrems is located at the east of Schrems in the Waldviertel. This nature lover's paradise was placed under protection in the year 2000 and was declared the 22nd Nature Park of Lower Austria. The Nature Park is open all year round and is barrier-free up to the Prügelsteg.

The peat-bog, which is limited by the villages Langschwarza, Gebharts and Schrems, comprises 300 acres and thus represents the largest bog in Lower Austria. 119 acres of this area were declared the Nature Park Hochmoor Schrems, which is also part of the Ramsararea, the Waldviertler pond-, bog- and river landscapes.

The water areas of the bog host a number of rare animals and plants such as the Moor Frog, rare species of dragonflies or Bladderwort, a small carnivorous underwater plant. In the open water zones the Yellow Iris and the Yellow Water-Lily flourish. Even the carnivorous Sundew is located in the Schremser bog.

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